• Progressive Leadership

    LRP works with leading voices in the progressive movement. We take pride in providing individual attention and strategy to every candidate we work for. From the U.S. Senate to City Hall and everywhere in between, we work side by side with our clients on developing communications and paid media, targeting supporters, and honing the messages that win persuadable voters. We use a full range of research tools, from surveys and focus groups to online town halls and ad testing to propel our clients to victory on Election Day.

  • Labor Movement

    We are national experts on unions and labor issues. LRP shares the goals of the labor movement and is committed to improving the lives of working people. Our in-depth message research has helped unions successfully advocate on issues including the minimum wage, the right to organize, retirement security and health care. Our research experience includes working with the AFL-CIO, UFCW, SEIU, NEA, AFSCME, CWA, UAW, and AFT.

  • Advancing Women's Rights and Equality

    LRP has extensive experience and nationally recognized expertise on a wide range of issues impacting women – from working to advance parity in politics and the workplace, we have considerable experience on issues impacting women’s health and quality of life, including domestic violence and sexual assault, discrimination issues, and reproductive health and rights. In fact, our commitment to a woman’s personal decision making on abortion has led us to work solely for pro-choice candidates.

  • Promoting Animal Welfare

    LRP is passionate about improving animal welfare and reducing animal suffering. We have a great deal of experience working on these issues with various advocacy organizations such as the HSUS, the ASPCA, and the Earth Island Institute, to name a few. We have conducted voter and consumer research over the last few years on a number of animal welfare related issues including factory farming, labeling, dog breeding standards, hormone and antibiotic issues, and orcas made to perform at entertainment parks.

  • Defending Human Rights and Equality

    LRP brings a passionate commitment and unparalleled experience to the cause of equality. Our partners have a deep and broad history of working for LGBT equality throughout the nation, including working with the first successful marriage equality efforts in Massachusetts and through the defeat of a marriage ban in Arizona. We have worked with The Human Rights Campaign, The Gill Foundation, Unity Michigan, Love Makes a Family, and many others. We have worked on projects involving diversity in the LGBT community, marriage, transgender issues, bullying, and other important issues.

  • Strategy | Precision | Impact

    LRP is a leading public opinion and political strategy research firm providing expert research-based strategy for campaigns, issue advocacy groups, foundations, unions, and non-profit organizations.

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In Memoriam: Daniel Cooper  



Henry Crawford
Director of Information Systems

Henry Crawford joined forces with Celinda Lake in 1991 as Director of Information Systems at Greenberg-Lake and was there at the start of Lake Research Partners in 1995. Through the years, Henry has been at the center of most of the firm’s technological and methodological advances. He oversees and codes alongside a sophisticated staff of statistical programmers, working closely with the analysts to attain a high level of insight and reporting for our clients.

Beyond technical, methodological and programming support, Henry’s main thrill and joy are his family and four young children. He plays guitar, runs an occasional marathon, and loves fantasy baseball.

Before survey research, Henry was a flight instructor in Florida, and an international development officer for the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, Greece. He holds a degree in economics from Haverford College, and instructor certificates in single and multi-engine instrument flight. 

  henry crawford
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Matt Eberle 
Systems Specialist

Matt Eberle joined Lake Research Partners in 2003. A systems specialist, Matt goes above and beyond the standard data production and analysis. He has helped create audio/visual presentations (including finding hardware and software solutions), and worked on increasing programmer efficiency.

A military brat, Matt has lived in more places than he would care to count. He holds a B.A. in computer science from Carroll College and currently resides in Helena, Montana. 

  Matt Eberle

Gretchen Pfau 
Statistical Analyst

Gretchen Pfau started at Lake Research Partners as an intern in 2009, before becoming the field director and then moving over to the statistical programming department in 2013. She specializes in survey sampling, voter turnout models, and statistical modeling. She has also acquired the mostly useless party trick of being able to name the county that most major cities are in.

Gretchen grew up and lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she was introduced to political campaigns at an early age, volunteering with DFL campaigns as soon as she could knock on doors. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Statistics from the University of Chicago and an M.A. in Government, with a specialization in Applied Politics, from American University.

  Gretchen Pfau


Zach Morin
Junior Analyst

Zach joined Lake Research Partners in 2015 as a Junior Analyst. Prior to joining LRP, Zach worked for the Mellman Group and for the Texas Democratic Party.

A Texas native, Zach holds a B.A. in Political Science from Texas A&M University and a Master’s in Public Service and Administration from the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M.

Caroline Bye
Junior Analyst

Caroline joined Lake Research Partners in 2017. Prior to joining the team, she worked for the Colorado Democratic Party. She has also worked with organizations such as Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington and corporations such as Wanxiang Electric Vehicle in Hangzhou, China.

Caroline grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut, where her initial interest in local politics and issue advocacy developed. She is not only insterested in electing progressive leaders, but she is also interested in a variety of issue-areas. Issues concerning food systems, family famers, and food equity hold a special place in her heart after spending many summers of working on farms.

She holds a B.A. in History and Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

Anderson Gardner joined Lake Research Partners in 2005. A campaign veteran with extensive political experience, she has worked on Senate and Congressional races, as well as Primary and General Presidential campaigns as a scheduling director. Anderson has sound political judgment and a vast awareness of government. She supervises daily and long term schedules, and coordinates logistics internally and externally to ensure efficiency. Her longevity in this position has secured relationships with countless progressive organizations, candidates, and reporters around the country.

A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, Anderson received her BA in Communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She spent time in Florida and Washington, DC before returning to Raleigh, where she lives with her husband, John and son, Jack.

Amy Young joined Lake Research Partners in 2014. Prior to her role here, she served as the Chief Client Officer at Catalist, LLC, a data and technology company serving the progressive community. Prior to joining Catalist, she was the Executive Director of Women's Voices Women Vote (now the Voter Participation Center) and owned her own consulting firm.

With over 20 years of political and strategic program experience, she has directed operations and mentored staff in a number progressive organizations including the AFLCIO, Voices for Working Families, the ACLU, the Democratic National Committee, and SEIU, among others. A native of Ohio (but not a Buckeye fan!), Amy served Executive Director of the Ohio Democratic Party and worked at every level of politics in Ohio, from local races to statewide.


Robert Hillman joined Lake Research Partners in 1995. In his current role on the firm’s management team, Robert manages LRP’s finances. With nearly two decades of experience in the polling business, Robert has worn many hats including COO, project manager, focus group moderator, and receptionist.
Robert proudly served in the United States Army from 1986-1989. He now resides in Seattle, WA with his daughter Alisha.

  robert hillman

In the News

  • Joshua Ulibarri of Lake Research Partners Named 2018 Pollster of the Year >

    LRP partner Joshua Ulibarri has been recognized as the 2018 Pollster of the Year by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC). He is the first Latino to ever receive this award. This is LRP’s sixth major AAPC award in the last decade.

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  • Joshua Ulibarri discusses how Virginia victories can apply to 2018 >

    Partner Joshua Ulibarri was recently a guest on the podcast Achieve Great Things where he and host RJ Bee discussed Joshua’s thoughts on the 2017 Virginia House Delegate victories. He and RJ deliberated on how Democrats flipped 15 seats from Republican incumbents, and how 2018 progressive campaigns can follow in their footsteps.

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  • Message Guidance: Countering Trump and the Republican Majority >

    New research reveals powerful messaging to mobilize the progressive base and persuade swing voters against the right-wing economic agenda of Congressional Republicans and Trump. This memo summarizes the key findings from a national survey of 900+ likely voters, and provides a roadmap for progressives to communicate a sharp, engaging economic narrative in 2018.

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  • Voter registration is the real resistance >

    The Rising American Electorate (RAE) make up nearly 59.2 percent of eligible voters. But these citizens don’t register to vote or turn out in proportion to their share of the population. We need to get these voters onto the rolls and to the polls in 2018.

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